East of Bergerac, just into the Dordogne region this site has a great pool area including slides and cafe but a bit out of the way and has very limited number of touring pitches, I counted only 12.

Our Ratings

Visit date: July 2017

Category Score Comments
Friendliness of Staff: 3 Some of the staff were friendly but some were not helpful
Cleanliness of site & facilities: 4 Clean, no rubbish, but toilet floor wet most of the time due to leaking showers
Washroom facilities: 2 No toilet paper or soap provided, floors wet and little lighting
Pool facilities: 5 Very good pool, water slides and facilities at the pool
Other onsite facilities/activities: 5 Lots of sports facilities including trampolines and a good kids club
Restaurant: 2 OK except my daughter’s toastie was still frozen inside when she got it
Quiet/peacefulness: 5 Very quiet and peaceful
Our pitch: 4 Good size, reasonably flat with some shade and hedges
Easy access/location to external activities/attractions: 1 Too far from anything unless you are driving
Value for money: 3 Average cost for the time of year (€39 per night)
Overall site rating: 3.4 A few poor points but made up for by its great pool and sports facilities

Site Details

Address: La Grande Lisse, 24520 Lamonzie-Montastruc, France
Website: http://www.campinglescapade.com/


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