This blog is based on my travels with my husband and daughter in our motorhome. We travel to Europe, usually France, for our summer holidays. Touring from place to place, usually staying 2-4 nights at a campsite then move on and visit tourist sites and buy groceries before finding another site to park up the van.

Prices quoted were accurate at the time and are in the local currency for the three of us.

The scores are our own views based on the experience we received during our visit. We have no commercial interest in any site mentioned. We hope you find this blog useful on your own holidays. Scores are out of 5 with an average score worked out for an overall site rating.

Rough Guide to Scores

Score Comment
5 About perfect, no complaints, very good
4 Good, better than average, only slightly off perfect
3 Average, could be better, but not bad, good enough
2 Less than expected quality, below average, a little poor
1 Very poor, awful, disappointing
NA Either not used or not available